Founded in 2000 and built upon over 25 years of public relations and marketing experience, Thompson Communications has established a reputation of working diligently on behalf of the firm's clients and forging personal relationships to accomplish communications and marketing goals. With the firepower of a big firm and the attention of a small company, Thompson Communications brings much to the table for our customers and partners.

Thompson Communications has always worked tirelessly on behalf of its clients to help them identify, execute and achieve their communications and marketing goals. We have worked in partnership with governmental associations, local governments, insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, risk managers and those involved in public entity services in the Midwest and believe it is these close relationships that make us stand out from other agencies.

Coupling new technologies such as social media and web marketing with traditional message delivery systems like print collateral and media relations. Thompson Communications has vast experience in helping its clients stay relevant, visible and connected.